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In addition, below are our most commonly asked questions for Foodies and Businesses.
Most Commonly Asked General Questions
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+ Why was Local Serves created?
We had a vision to empower both Businesses and Foodies in the dining arena which creates a more fun way to search for your next meal.
+ How much does Local Serves cost?
Local Serves is absolutely 100% FREE for both Businesses and Foodies!
+ Where is Local Serves available?
Local Serves is currently only in the Metro Houston, Texas area.
+ When will Local Serves come to my city?
We are glad to hear that you are interested in Local Serves. We are currently only in the Houston, Texas area and hope to expand to an area near you soon! Please check back regularly.
Most Commonly Asked Business Questions
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+ Why do I keep receiving the message to enter a URL into the website field?
Web Sites must contain http:// or https:// in the beginning of your website in order to be shared on Local Serves' site.
+ How do I update information about a food item I posted?
Updating your food item information is pretty simple and updates in real-time! Just click on My Local Serves then click on My Dishes. From here you can manage any of your food items! You can even deactivate seasonal items then reactivate them again the following season!
+ I cannot upload/post a food item. Please help!
There are a few reasons why you may not be able to add upload a food item. Some possible reasons include: 1)Only Business accounts in the Houston, Texas Metro area can post items on Local Serves. If you are an Independent Chef/Cook, Food Truck, or Local Restaurant in the Metro Houston, Texas area, create a new Business Account and start showcasing your food items once your account is approved! 2) All Businesses must be verified prior to being allowed to post items on Local Serves' site. It is possible that your business account has not been verified by a Local Serves Admin yet. 3) You are not able to upload an item with the same name as an item that has been deleted if the deleted item was previously liked or reviewed by a Foodie. If you continue to have problems uploading items, please Contact Us.
+ Why can’t I change the name of my food item?
You are only able to change the name of an item that has not been liked or reviewed. However, after a food item has been liked or reviewed, you cannot change the name of the food item.
+ My business is already on Local Serves. How do I claim my business?
You can claim your business by signing up on Local Serves then select the appropriate business you wish to claim and follow the steps. If you are having problems claiming your business, please Contact Us
+ My business has multiple locations. Am I able to manage multiple locations under one account?
At this time, each location will need to have a separate account created.
+ Why can’t I leave a review?
Only non-business accounts can leave reviews on food items.
+ My banner image or food item image does not show up properly. How do I fix this?
There are suggested sizes for the images near the upload button. Please ensure your image meets this criterion. Also, we suggest you upload .png or .jpg images. If you continue to experience issues, please rename your image and try to upload again.
Most Commonly Asked Foodie Questions
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+ Why can't I leave a review?
Here at Local Serves, we take reviews very serious. We have extra security measures in place to try to ensure the reviews being displayed are from real people. Please Contact Us if you are having issues posting your review or if you feel reviews being posted are not real.
+ I can't find the dish that I ate and I would like to review it on LocalServes.com?
While we would love for all restaurants to load their complete menu on our site, we understand that some food establishments may not have their full list of menu items available for review. If you cannot locate the dish you recently ate, you can request to speak to the Owner or a Manager at the restaurant and ask him/her to add your dish item to LocalServes.com!
+ I saw an item with a Fund Raiser icon. What does that mean?
The idea behind fund raisers is to create awareness for our users who are trying to sell food items to raise money for a cause. Only business accounts can post items on Local Serves. Therefore, if you wish to create an item as a fund raiser, you must Create a new Business Account.
If your question is not answered above, please Contact Us and we'll be more than happy to assist you!

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